Don't Fuck w. Me

It's days like today that make the craving for a full on menthol ciggarette a bit impossible. I wont do it to myself or my budget. Sleep it off. Sleep it off. Wake up and forget it. Let's play 21 questions. Ask me anything, I'll answer truthfully. I'm a bad liar and always have been. I can be harsh sometimes, criticism is hard. Life is hard. Life is easy. If you know the rules you can speed right through that gameboard. Have a family, a car, a job. I hear the kids outside. Scandalous. In high school I had a hard time concentrating in my classes. In high school I sat in the front row and wrote away lyrics for a band. It was a poor excuse of a band. All we did was misbehave. Sorry mom and dad. I have to pay for classes now. There are no film classes left. Hunter sucks dick. I use "I" too much. Not written for you to make sense of. So if you're going to comment, it better be a question. 

I was serious about playing 21 with you.