72 Hours Ago I Wanna be Sedated

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, especially when things go to plan. Luckily it did... until we got pulled over by the cops for attempting to make a right turn at a red light. The Cops were literally a car away. They let us go.

Then we got stuck in traffic, at least we weren't the only ones.

Some people were nice enough to entertain us.


After a few hours we made it to our destination. A loft party with multiple things going on at once. How excited I was to see those crowded hallways filled with familiar faces handing out feer beers and ciggarettes. The best part: We met more people there willing to help us party until 8am and we weren't even on ectasy. At which point I was only able to squeeze in 2 hours of sleep, and a "walk of shame" I will never forget. Thank goodness for Dunkin' Donuts and Redbull otherwise I would have never made it through the day. I guess I'm not as young as I use to be.



Most Creative

hint: It's the ATM in the background

Best Candid

and Moi

Comment below/send me the best creative costumes you saw this halloween.