The Fourth Wall

Writing these monthly posts aren't easy. I never know how much to share or if I'm oversharing but it seems like the honesty is appreciated. So for those of you that reached out with positivity - thank you!


In case you missed it, I've spent the last twelve years attempting to qualify for the New York City Marathon. Minor things always got in the way, but this year I made the cut. And in two short months, I'll be running alongside thousands across the five boroughs. It gives me the chills thinking about it.

But lately, I've been finding solace in a few too many drinks every day. It's starting to turn into a habit I can't seem to shake. The summer season and the endless parties at first made the binges acceptable. Keyword: summer.

We're quickly approaching fall and my training has fallen by the wayside. The yearning I once had to hit the pavement and explore the neighborhood on two laced up sneakers has dissipated. It might be a passing mood, who knows.

I do know that I'd never forgive myself if I didn't at least try to fix this and instead continued to drown my mixed emotions in tequila sours. (It's also not wise to indulge in such lush ways so quickly after surgery - stress makes us do stupid things).

So with that being said, after I return from Chicago I'll be going sober.

Detoxing my body from alcohol and returning to a normal training schedule will hopefully get me back into the groove. Wish me luck.

Photo by Lydia Hudgens.