Must Try: Dry Salt Therapy

Ever have one of those days where everything and anything goes completely wrong. Well, that's me 8 times out of 10 basically every day. Sometimes the stress really starts to pile on, adding weight to my lower back - pretty sure that's not healthy.

I've mentioned my ongoing struggle with anxiety before and found holistic relief in a few ways: exercise (via Classpass + running), facials (take advantage of those Gilt & Groupon deals), and massages (the Soothe app makes this super easy - get $30 off with code HYBUE). My mom, an avid aromatherapy enthusiast, made me curious about what else is out there. And, you guys, there's a lot out there for us to explore.


One new-to-me approach is Dry Salt Therapy which I got learn more about at Breathe Easy, New York City's only Dry Salt Therapy Center. They graciously offered me a session to experience it firsthand and I happily obliged. One cold day I walked over to their location, conveniently located near Grand Central for all you commuters. Inside I was greeted by the front desk and directed to the lockers where I could change into something a little more comfortable or simply store my things. FYI, it's totally ok to come in your street clothes if you're not partaking in their Salty Yoga class.

After leaving the locker rooms I entered this heavenly light pink room which I later learned were blocks of Himalayan Salt. In fact, the entire room, top to bottom, is covered in Himalayan Salt. I then went over to a chair, took a few deep breaths, and felt myself slowly de-stressing from the day's events.


If you're wondering, what exactly are the benefits of salt therapy - don't worry, I got the full scoop. By spending, at least, half an hour in one of Breathe Easy's rooms you'll inhale micro-particles of pure Himalayan salt which in turn will help you breathe better (say goodbye to snoring), alleviate symptoms of major respiratory illness (such as asthma), allergies, as well as help you relax.

images via Breathe Easy

images via Breathe Easy

After one session, I felt so at peace and am definitely going to include Breathe Easy as a must-do when needing a moment to myself. (Fun fact: because of the micro-particles of salt floating in the air my lips did taste a little salty, similar to eating a bag of potato chips). If you're in NYC, definitely check them out if you're ever feeling stressed, dealing with allergies, or asthma. They have an awesome intro package ($50 for 5 sessions) and have four locations in New York.

Wellness Center Hours & Tidbits:
1 Park Avenue (in their lower level)
Hours: M-F 9a-9p, Sa-Su 9a-6p