Masking Mondays: The Neutrogena Update

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Alright, as promised here's my update on lighting my way to clear skin with Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Mask. And if you haven't read that post, I recommend checking it out here.

Let's backtrack a little bit first. Neutrogena recently launched a hands-free plastic mask that has been all the range on Instagram. The mask powerfully treats acne with light therapy. It kills off acne-fighting bacteria while allowing skin to heal itself all within ten minutes a day!

I've been loving the results and the ten minutes of zen the mask forces me to take. Busy bees shouldn't be alarmed since there are eye holes for those on the go. It's also harmless to your vision. For instance, there are times I lean back and meditate or it's my accessory for washing dishes. It never once felt uncomfortable and since the activator is attached, I simply slip it into a pocket for the ease of movement.


A few benefits I discovered after my month-long use of the blue and red light therapy was that my skin had less inflammation and zits were appearing less and less. And when they did appear, they weren't the ginormous monsters they once were. In their clinical trials, most participants saw results in as little as one week, but for best results it's recommended to wear for 12-weeks (i.e. daily).


For those of you curious about my full routine (since we all know how I love a great layering routine), here it is in its full glory:

- Use Clean & Clear® makeup dissolving wipes for freshly, cleansed skin for optimal results
- one session of Neutrogena's Light Therapy Mask
- your favorite face oil (great way to beat winter's drying air)
- your favorite face moisturizer (huge fan of Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel)

After a month of use, I definitely recommend incorporating the Neurtogena Light Therapy Acne Mask into your full nightly (or morning) routine. The price tag is insanely affordable compared to the one's seen in dermatologist offices and on celebrity Instagrams (aka $39.99 compared to $500+). The activator is even less ($14.97) and comes equipped to provide 30 get-gorgeous-skin sessions. For the best deal, I'd advise on getting yours at Walmart. If you rather hint at this for your Christmas wishlist feel free to send over my blog posts (wink).
Pssst... here are my before and after shots from one month of using. Insane right?!

Pssst... here are my before and after shots from one month of using. Insane right?!