Eye Brightening Favorites:

How's the new year going so far? I'm still wishing we were on holiday break. I spent a good chunk of my time visiting relatives, touching base with friends in town, and probably too much time indulging in Champagne. ‘Tis the season right? The best part about the holiday weekend had to be my social media detox and sleeping in almost every single day.


Now that I’m back and feeling focused it’s time to start making moves. Usually, I mention my resolutions at the start of the year but I’ll share that a little later after thinking it through. I will, however, give you a peep of what’s going to be on there -  sleep more.

Last month, I was seriously lacking on the sleep, which comes with the territory of blogging and being a social media manager. And that lack of sleep definitely showed in my dark under-eye circles. Not a good look when out at events or early morning meetings.


To look more fresh-eyed on little sleep, I use a couple of things: VII Code under-eye patches, eye cream, white eyeliner and concealer. It seriously makes a difference even when I slept three hours.

In full disclosure, I did receive the product for free from VII Code, but being the skincare junkie that I am – I actually have scoped this out (& bought) on Amazon. It’s that good you guys. Indulge if you can.


When it comes to under-eye patches, there are quite a few on the market, but right now I love VII Code’s. Compared to other eye patches on the market this is more of an 8-hour overnight eye mask. VII Code recommends leaving the eye mask on for the 8-hours so your skin can help absorb the ecological plant oxygen extracts (which is an all natural herbal formula). Each eye patch comes equipped all the essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, peptides and essential fatty acids.

After prepping your skin for the night (see how I prep mine here) apply the patches on with the gel side on your skin. There’s no label but apply the thicker side on the outside of my eyes and the thinner side towards my inner eye/nose, as shown in the photo below.


Upon waking up, I remove the patches and my eyes look revitalized and de-puffed from the get-go. VII Code recommends using them 2-3x a week, but I’ve been using them once 1x a week for that fresh-faced look. During NYFW I may go up to 2-3x a week.

Generally, after using these patches I don’t need much additional help in the eye area but for those incredibly early mornings I dab on eye cream (loving this K-Beauty find right now), apply white eyeliner to the inside of my lower lash line, and gently pat on concealer (highly recommend this one from NARS) with my BeautyBlender.


For those of you looking to expand your eye care, VII Code is offering $5 off a three-box set with code RCS5-3HEX9L-Z9DYAM. The three-box set is a great starting point for those looking into a deep eye treatment.

Are there any new beauty or skincare habits you’ll be getting into this year?

Photos by Victor Cerejo.