The Fourth Wall

It feels like this month has basically been a blur of me running around with my head cut off. Busy, busy, busy with no end in site.

Wedding guest chic in Lebanon 🌟. 

Wedding guest chic in Lebanon 🌟. 

I'm super guilty of saying "yes" to everything and then overwhelming myself. Sometimes (all of the times) this turns into anxiety, restless nights, and even more anxious mornings. I'm starting to find that the clutter in my apartment, and even certain pieces of clothing, add to my anxiousness - it kind of feels claustrophobic.

I'm considering getting someone to help me declutter my home and possibly streamline the way I work if it'll help free up some time. So if you have recos on decluttering - send them my way.

I have found solace in my skincare routine. My morning and night routine might sound a little extreme to some but to me, it's that little slice of time when I can sip on some tea and focus my energy on one thing only: me.

Because it brings such joy to my life, I'll be bringing it up a bit more on my blog.

Side note: I recently started adding a few anti-aging creams into my routine - it's never too early to start prevention. Although I really love Korean and French lines I've found a favorite from a familiar brand Avon. I'm trying out ANEW Power Serum ($40) as my new anti-aging cream and I'm loving the light gel-like consistency. I've had a positive reaction against my combo skin and it definitely doesn't hurt that it comes in a beautiful bottle (see it below).