Moisturized Mondays with Jergens

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Happy Monday! After a full seven days of being home, life (and my internal clock) is starting to feel normal. Jumping between time zones is so not fun and neither is dealing with all that recycled cabin air - talk about major dehydration issues. 

When I got back last Sunday, one of the first things I did was give my dog Miles lots and lots of hugs. The very next thing was hop into my shower. I absolutely loved the huge showers in the hotels I stayed at but there's nothing like taking a long shower at home and slathering on some much needed Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. Light a candle up, exfoliate your skin a bit, and slather on the lotion - my version of an at-home spa.

Off the bat I apply moisturizer in the shower while my skin is still wet - it's one of the best ways your body will retain moisture (#lifehack). After my wet-skin application of lotion I always pat dry and allow my skin to dry. When moisturizer is applied to wet skin it's able to trap the water on your skin and use it to keep your body moisturized all day long which in turn keeps your skin looking healthy. Jergens Wet Skin works with my routine and even enhances this little known fact by locking in hydration at skin's peak moisture moment for luminous & soft skin (no rinse needed either).


Before I left for vacay, a few of the things I do and I'm sure I'm not alone here is: clean house (returning to a dirty/disheveled home is a quick fire to stress), shop for travel/home necessities (hello Target!), and shower (on long trips - it'll be the last one for a while).


I discovered the new line from Jergens at Target while shopping for travel and home necessities (like a travel toothbrush & cat food 😓). Seeing that it fit in with my "apply before you dry" routine I had to stock up on the Calming Green Tea Oil & Nourishing Monoi Oil lotions - they also carry a Refreshing Coconut Oil scent as well. If you're curious, All scents are super light and haven't interfered with my signature scent.

After my Target shopping was done and things were packed I took my last shower before my flight out and gave the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer a test-drive. Remember apply to wet skin and pat dry. After a solid thirteen hours in-flight my skin felt soft upon arrival and saved me the time of reapplying lotion. Knowing the brand and how seriously it takes hydration I made sure to transfer some lotion in a TSA bottle while away from home - extremely glad I thought ahead as it saved my skin and time!
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Photos by Victor Cerejo.