Must Eat: Olio e Piú

Let's head on down to Greenwich Village. One of my favorite neighborhoods filled with gorgeous stoops, quaint coffee shops, and lots of boutiques. I haven't been everywhere but that's what I love about New York City - there's always something new to discover. I've always had my eye on Olio e Piú, nestled between Greenwich Avenue (not street) and Christopher Street, so it was only a matter of time before dining there.


I've passed by Olio e Piú many a times, the energy has always been vibrant and the outdoor seating is prime for people watching. The fall menu for this Neapolitan bistro has been created by Head Chef Dominick Pepe, filled with fresh fall ingredients. The night the boyfriend and I went for dinner it was a bit chilly so we sat inside but near a window. The decor throughout was rustic - dimly lit lamps with a verdant exterior decorated with vines and dotted with a variety of plants and flowers. In the back of the restaurant there's a large wood burning stove. Wood burning stoves equal amazing pizza crust and an amazing smokey flavor. Sidenote: I'm starting to get a few hunger pangs just thinking about this meal.


We started off the night with the antipasto misto dish accompanied with fresh bread. However I tried to go easy on the bread knowing that we had a full course meal ahead us. You know, choosing my carbs wisely. The antipasto misto was followed by the burrata cheese - definitely our favorite app from the two.


For dinner I had the Gnocchi al Gorgonzolaand (cheesy perfection) and the boyfriend had Corneto di Bufala (a pizza), which for him was a heavenly mixture of pizza crust cheese and Italian meats. I must mention that I ate from his plate as well and he had to fight me back with his fork. And yes, a food coma soon followed but not before I tried one of their cocktails (the Go-To drink made with cucumber vodka mmm) and gelato (obviously one of each flavor). 

We ended the night on a high note after dinner - everything was great from the atmosphere, food, and service. In the interim I heard great things about brunch so a return trip is necessary. If you're in the mood for scrumptious Italian food but can't afford a plane ticket to Italy, I highly recommend you book a table here for dinner (or brunch).

Restaurant hours + tidbits:
3 Greenwich Avenue
Hours: M-S 10a-2a, Su 10a -12a
Brunch: 11a - 3p | Served Daily