Nail Party DIY #1

First things first, welcome to my first Nail DIY Party. I've always been a fan of really cool and easy to do nails, so why not share my tips and tricks with y'all. 

For our first DIY, I think it would be fun to do Y2k french tips. So save yourself a trip to the nail salon and let's have some fun.

Pick a color and gather your tools. I'm using a basic base coat polish, Sally Hansen's xtreme wear color in Mint Sorbet (pastels are great for summertime), Sally Hansen's Dries Instantly for a top coat, and handy dandy scotch tape.

I prefer short square nails for this design. Go ahead and apply a base coat and let it dry.

Next apply a piece of scotch tape halfway and diagonally on each finger. Paint on two coats of polish and peel off the tape before the polish dries. Let the polish dry on one hand before proceeding to the next, and repeat.

Apply a top coat to prevent smears & chips. Nobody wants a smear or a chip for that matter.

And you're done! If you have any spillover paint I suggest using a q-tip dipped in acetone to clean it up, or just leave it. Spilled paint tends to disappear after a shower so no big worries in whichever route you choose.

Be sure to check back for the next Nail Party DIY! And if there are any designs you'd like me to do a DIY on be sure to leave a note in the comments or e-mail me. I'd love to hear your thoughts.