You Should Rent #19

The Crime of Padre Amaro – Carlos Carrera (2002)

How could it be that The Crime of Padre Amaro, a controversial film, is also one of Mexico’s best selling films. It seems whenever the Catholic Church tries to ban a film, it simply increases its sales. The film takes a deeper look into attractions & infatuations, desires & obedience one needs that plague Padre Amaro (played by Gael García Bernal) and his interest Amelia (played by Ana Claudia Talacon).

In the film Padre Amaro mentions that celibacy should be a choice for those who decide to join the priesthood, to which Father Benito declares blasphemous. Father Benito we realize has an ongoing affair with the housekeeper. Padre Amaro’s statement foreshadows the course of action he decides to take with Amelia. In the end his actions lead them to an abortion clinic on the outskirts of town.

Towards the end of the film we notice that Padre Amaro, treats himself as an exception to the rule. His lies are told without the slightest hint of guilt as he continues his way up the priesthood ranks. You should rent this film because underneath all the sex, cover ups, and desires – the film provides great commentary on the Church as a whole.

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