Move Is Complete!

After losing my keys in the West Village, watching my smartphone travel around Chinatown, and a visit from Sandy, me and the boyfriend finally moved from the upper east side to south Brooklyn. It was hell with lots of unexpected little things pushing us further away from the move. But we did it!

Now it's time to spruce up the apartment to make it look like a creative space where two creative people bond over pointless arguments and the shark face our cat does. Oh! And Miles (our pup) is moving back home. Fun fact: The part of Brooklyn we moved into is the same part of Brooklyn we first met Miles (Prospect Park) - it all comes full circle!!

I think it would be fun to take photos of before and after spaces in the new apartment to show how we are doing. And for the special occasion I've joined a new site to give me ideas: Pinterest. Follow me to see the great things I've come upon @thestyleboro.

Super excited to start painting the canvas that is our apartment :D!

If you guys have any great blogs or websites that have to do with interior decorating or home DIY please shoot me a message or leave it in the comments.