Rent #14

The Dreamers - directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

An American goes to Paris. Sound familiar?

Bertolucci's film takes place during the turbulent 60s but instead of putting the focus on the student riots it became a backdrop for his characters and their whimsical and erotic fantasies which often border on incest. Bertolucci also splices his film with other black and white films as well as has his characters act out their favorite scenes or quiz each other on films. Although there is an attempt to romanticize film noir and French new wave the film drags on because of it and the protagonists come off as annoying film buffs/students.

You should rent this film because Bertolucci incorporates a mixture of high and low art throughout the entire film. And call me crazy but it throws a homage to Pierrot le Fou. It's not as amazing and fantastical as Pierrot le Fou but you can see how this film was definitely inspired by it.

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