Is It Possible?

You know how people have issues with hoarding and can't bear to part with an item (even if it's junk), I wonder if I have the same issue except with scheduling. As in, if it's not written down it wont get done, or it will get done but in a specific order? Or I can't just scratch it off the list, I actually have to do it no matter how long it takes me.

It's not too serious because it's been a long time since I got fired for being late (because I was busy doing something on the list) and I'm very good at keeping doctor appointments (although those I do show up to late) but it is once getting in the way of school work. I'm getting backtracked and never have enough time in the week to get everything done. I'm glad I caught this early instead of right before finals.

Instead of tacking on gym or ballet days to my "catch up" list I'm instead canceling it out for the whole week and just see if I can manage to do it for the week after. It would be lame to start a dance class and then not be able to show up the following week, same goes for signing up for a gym and just never returning. So before I start those crazy things it's probably best I'm up to speed... and add more study hours to my organizer because an hour a day is really not cutting it if I'm still not on the second chapters for my three classes. Still have a "catch up" list, but it's not too serious if I just wake up earlier and stick with it.

Where does this motivation to control things/get things done come from?