And It's Golden

Fuck yea, it's freezing and classes on top of work is exhausting. But, one day we'll get a day off to sleep in like lazy pandas and koalas that make that clicking noise. And maybe if I'm lucky you wont bother me when I drift off to sleep, and maybe if you're lucky I wont bother you when the dawn starts to leak in through the window. ACTUALLY! I can't let that happen. Me kissing you when the day is about to start even though you're trying to halt it makes my day.

Back to the weekly grind.

The Strokes this Friday.

Accounts still frozen. 

Work never seems to end.

Coachella in about two weeks.

Bran muffins rock.

Here's some inspirational "summer is on the way" music to keep thy spirits lifted.

I didn't listen to it entirely, so if it starts to suck. Then I'm sorry.