She Offered Hypnosis...

but I took the anti-anxiety meds instead.

Will it have the same effects as me smoking "something" to the face, will I gain weight, will I be more carefree?? Questions that will all have answers in three to five months, depending on how my body reacts.

On a lighter note, can you imagine going to school for sixty-seven years and not taking a profession in your major. Well, that's been on my mind lately. I'm deciding to start writing movie reviews (crits?) on this blog as well... starting with the next film I see. Maybe something will come out of it. Ending up in fashion wouldn't be bad at all since "I die" for it, but it's so hard to get a job in the industry. Cool - I picked two industries with the least amount of jobs. Now that fashion has entered my brain maybe I'll try to get one look of the month entered into this blog and make it more "fashiony". See how I deal with NYC cold ass winter blues.