Pieces of What - Two Years Strong

How amazing! It's been two years, way longer than my livejournal days. Again, let me reiterate - HOW AMAZING! Unfortunately, I wont be keeping up with the tradition started last year. UNLESS, you want me to. Ha! No I can't. Totally rude, and I became good friends with one of the dudes (we'll be celebrating our one year of friendship soon).

I'll be honest there wasn't too much dating going on this year either. A good chunk of it was spent being in a relationship. Either way something about me still screams "do me dirty" and even after the intervention I still broke rule #3 and #4. Four out of six isn't bad though. Eh, I'm still a happy camper.

Here's to another year filled with jargons!

I'm going to end with my favorite "Jana" quote:

i am your idea... one day you will look for me and i will be gone.

P.S. The name-tag will yet again make an appearance for CMJ. Adds more humor when having awkward run-ins.

P.P.S. I got some juicy "haha" stories to share as well - stay tuned.