Goodbye Friend of Mine

Today will be the day I part ways with a friend. He's been there since my first day of college, real going away to dorm college, and made the transition so easy for me. He's introduced me to many friends, some  who are still around, and made the stress of projects easier by inviting me out. He always knew when. It was perfect. Almost didn't know how my life could operate without his presence there. We also had those days, where I didn't want him around either. He never could stop blabbing and cluing me in on things that didn't need to be cluing in on. I tolerated it. Always did since he was an old friend.

He's held my hair back during rough riding nights and documented summers spent idling in cars. On chilly Saturday nights he kept me entertained. Old jokes would arise and cause my eyes to water from the side stitch pain from laughing too hard. Always at the core and instigating drama, sometimes too much drama. Up front with news that didn't need to be 411-ed to me causing water storm sessions that even the weather channel was not prepared for. He made it so incredibly easy for people to know about my lustful connections, yeah, he had a big mouth. Sometimes, he would even tell my ma what I did last night and how it involved forties, beach nights, smoke, and everything in between. Thanks for that.

The connections with people built because of him was great, but it made these connections impersonal since it was always through him. Always through the middle man, and it's tiring. I miss making my own friends without his help and chatting it up to an actual face compared to a luminous time sucking screen. I miss people asking me "how are you?" compared to the lurking that informs them how I've been. 

I miss my life and how it was without my fascination surrounding facebook.

Farewell Facebook, it was a beautiful run.