If You Close the Door Just Turn the Light Off

Inspired by my friend who was scared of losing her grounding - stopping anything before it started. You have to be courageous and dive in.


Have you tried, or did you just let it burn? That's something you'll ask yourself repeatedly if nothing is done.

It's better in the end after every ounce of your flesh has been weakened and your soul not yet diminished by the acidity of tears sends off the alarm, "it's time to jump ship".

Grab the neon orange floater and dip feet first sending that chill up your spine leaving that metallic taste in your mouth. Swim farther away from the blazing boat, it'll give you a clearer sight of the bejeweled night sky; not yet covered with the rust, dust, and muck sucking the hope out of tasty tangerine colored crustaceans nearby.

Just float in the silence, until every grade-A iron meets it destiny at the bottom. It'll make its home in that sea of opportunity - that chance unsalvageable and the world will know it.

When your body starts to distance itself from the floater and your numb fingers start to lose grip, let go. Trust me.

Far off in the distance someone saw the catastrophe and went in when others said "the damage is done". Brushing aside the negative remarks of those unwilling, he paddles faster and alone.

Pulling you by the frigid fingers, then arms until finally, your body drips the past away in his boat, you'll realize the trying did take place as the shore gets closer.

Not sinking with the ship, the banana colored stars - the ones that shy from city life -  will guide your way back. It'll hurt, but it's only a feeling. It's the thoughts of "what if?" that will never fade.