It's the voyeurism that I appreciate in photographs and try to replicate (but fail miserably). The moments when people are having a clandestine moment whether it's a full-throttle fight or fingers on the small of someone's back. Desperately seeking a photograph with a crushed soul and a helping hand in its composition (does that even make sense). I'm going to try and capture some more moments this summer, so be weary dear friends. And it would be nice, to get the favor returned - that's if you can catch me enraptured in something. Shouldn't be to hard around the right person.

Granted the people he used may have or may not have been models - but he still knows how to capture that moment between two people that makes me envious of what they've shared.

Envious that's it been caught of course since I still have my moments. 

Just not the proof, that two people were happy for a second(s).