25 in Dog Years (143)

"Love will tear us apart, again." - Joy Division

Why didn't I get that tattooed on my arm instead? Stupid drunk motives. Always gotta look like the lover, and never the non-lover, even in that crazy state of intoxication.

How tacky would it be to have the word love twice on my body? Ugh... Pretty tacky right.

I'm thinking about horses, and how they're so free and unable to be tamed (well, sometimes):

Or maybe get a trumpet, since it's been three years since my little man (referring to my dog) has been born.

Happy Bornday Miles

Sometimes I think it's not normal how much I love him. But, there are those late nights when I come home after horrible dates when the dudes say horrible things and he just pulls off the covers from my bed, and looks at me (or I imagine since he's blind) letting me know I'll always have him. And it's true, he's still here when others have come and go.

God, it is abnormal.