Things I Heart #2

A collection of things I tried/tested/loved after reaching the maximum of my February 2010 budget.

Absolutely love this for when I can not splurge on Dior Mascara. The handle on the brush is thick enough to give you a full control so you don't stab your eye out. There is also no clumping and it's easy to wash off once you're done partying/studying.            

This perfume reminds me of Chicago. My roomie used to wear it every day, and every day I would want something sweet to eat. Gained twenty pounds that way. Just kidding, I was a starving art student at the time and instead would eat the air when I sniffed this. It smells delicious, like cotton candy, so it's definitely not for the faint of heart. Just remember not to go overboard, on this sweet scent.

Now this is my go to day after day. Normally for shoots I get stuck wearing lash extensions and the only way for me to mimic that fullness is by DiorShow. It's pricey, but super worth it. I use black and use about three coats. Warning: not the type of mascara to apply on a subway, you will stab yourself. The formula does need eye make-up remover, so you get the drift if you get stabbed with none of it around. Yes, that's right. Raccoon eyes.

Dear Mark, why did Avon not give birth to you sooner? You make my skin mingle and shingle in the sunlight, and make me look less pale by about thirty-eight percent without the use of tanning. Now if only you came in a full body formula. Can we please have you work on that before summer arrives. I don't like telling boys they need sunglasses under the covers due to my unattractive bright pale skin. Thanks!

Ugh, this just good. No explanations. Just pissed it took me longer than a year to find it.

For some reason, products designed for women of color are just way better in comparison than products not designed for them. It conditions and moisturizes your hair way better and protects it from breakage. It can even double as a styling agent. Leave just a tiny bit in, and your curls are banging for the rest of the day. It's normally what I do for the intense summer heat of NYC.  

Helps defrizz while still moisturizing your curls.It also helps in making your hair smoother (duh). I'm not really a shampoo person because I feel it sucks the moisture out of my hair, and I'm lazy, but this doesn't get on my nerves.

Made in Portugal and wrapped in art deco paper, it is still delivers in the shower. I feel squeaky clean and smell great. The bar also makes me feel me tiny since it's so huge (aka lasts forever). Hey, if I hated the soap I still probably buy them just to collect them for their packaging.

 Give me a heads up if there is something I should try out, or if there is something worth sharing.