Win A Free Trip

Didn't enter College's Humor Hottest College Girl Contest, even if it was by invite. I'm trying to cut back on pervy guys and that would not help.

C o o l. Can't believe that's how motives are being seen: they're either gay, or want to frisk me.

Now I feel hypocritical because of the content of this blog. Wait, no. That's how it all started:

"Laugh at my constant unsatisfied attempts to obtain a relationship with that perfect... Hipster."

Y'all can still laugh but I'm tired of these mind games and how much of my free time it occupies.

P.s. Yeah, it was a bad train ride home especially when some pervy rando wont leave you alone. Mix that in with the XX and it causes a domino effect making you think extra hard about who wants to know you, or those who are willing to forget you.

P.p.s. Don't forget to add in a dose of yesterday's subway rando ramblings on the way to work. This older man asks me for my take on tiger woods.

Me: Don't really care.
Him: I don't think Woods should have to apologize. He's a man, he has needs. You shouldn't have to apologize for wanting to take care of your needs. If anything the news should apologize to him.
Me: Maybe I should save myself the pain and stop dating now.
Him: Nah! You good enough to eat.
Me: Okay, my stop. Bye!
[totally not my stop btw]