We Offer No Interest

I've stopped making excuses for boys I liked a long time ago.

I mean, haven't you ever noticed the sort of excuses girls will make for some guy that seems sort of interested in her but not really. We need to stop lying to ourselves and wasting our time. For example - the time I'm spending on this rant could be better spent sleeping.

Since I'm being totally honest, I met this character off the interwebs and we hung out and had some great laughs but he's not looking for anything serious... Umm... Yea, exactly my point. FYI: he said that first "hang-out", so his thoughts may have changed but I need to get this off my B cup breasts. And for everyone's 411 I don't need something immediate, I just don't want my ideas of something happening being slashed from the start. It's stealing the fun from me being a girl. No longer can I think "oh maybe he does like me more than like" stupidities. Or drive myself crazy for that matter, but it also doesn't want me to invest in anything (ever) like having sex because I already know nothing will come of it. AND I won't even be able to "O" because I won't feel comfortable about the situation; I need comfort for that to happen. He is literally trying to get himself into the friend zone or something.

I honestly (maybe I have a tiny bit of girlish-ness that survived??) feel that he may like me with a capital "L". Then again it could just be the thrill of wanting to lay me because I haven't given up my sexual organ. Encountering many a fellow who's crazy about the chase and disappear the next day has instilled the "make it semi-official first" rules in me. Otherwise, he's strictly booty and I could care less about his born day and familia. Or I'm his friend and care, but there is no sex in the champagne room happening.

Speaking of birthdays - I didn't get laid which could explain me being so uptight. Then again, it was my own fault.

Too bad some booty calls change their digits :**(

P.s. Even with booty calls I can get all girly and think about the "what if's". Booty calls know better than to speak about relationships so girls can imagine about them, that's why they call again. But no, not this guy. He literally killed off the civilization cultivating in my head.