Nonsensical Femme

Give a listen to Boy Crisis. Just helped out on a music video, excited to see the outcome.

I've booked two fashion shows so far. Pretty good for a model that is retiring.

FUCK! I feel so fucking boring now that school is in the picture.

Here's a poem I made in class:

His shoes smells,
my heart melts -
this must be it.


I'm changing the tunes. Hopefully, that gets some inspiration running through my dry veins. Instead, I d r u m at the keyboard getting nothing accomplished. That's my life and know for a fact I don't know what I need. Did you listen to that, it's the sound of nobody caring. It's necessarily not a bad thing, it's just that people are faced with their own young adult life crisis on how to make the monthly school loan repayments. The answer is on the corner, but we're all too good for that. The semi-answer is on the internet because of the anonymity. Well, let me not give away too much of my 411. Moving on, changing subjects, and looking forward. Today in class I announced my hatred for poetry. On the train ride home, someone confused me for a NY-rican slam poet - what a cruel joke you played on me Jesus. I'll get you tomorrow, you just wait.

As for Valentine's day, this is the first year there are no lushes. My heart doesn't skip a beat like it once did when a penis-operated-human called. No, it instead goes about with it's normal rhythm. For sure I go on dates, but they aren't exciting anymore. Maybe it's a good thing... Oh wait, I hear that same sound again. The sound of nobody caring.