Later Better Than Never.

I'm still trying to get my shit together for tomorrow. Those that personally know me know that I am a very tedious organizer. Those that also know me know I've been getting drunk/lazy which has been keeping me behind schedule. So tonight to avoid confusion with important things I have to do this week and things I still haven't done since July I'm just compiling one huge list and cutting out the pages so it's less confusing. Shet. I've either confused you or bored you. Right. Moving on.

Social #2

So social #1 was getting your friends opinion on dudes you wanted to pursue. This social is getting a list of things that people deem unattractive and making sure you have none of those qualities. IF you have honest opposite sex friends you're in luck. They tell it how it is.

Here's the list I was able to gather from friends and foes (not based on me but their taste of course):

-dirty fingernails

-bad breath

-bad teeth

-dried saliva in the corner of the mouth

-chapped/crusty lips

-bleeding gums

-veiny foreheads

-jiggly butts with butt-ne


-irritating voices

-wobbly walkers

-leaky earwax


-lack of interest in me/you

-lame jokes



-disproportionate limbs

-appropriate height to match weight (vice versa)/not overweight

-not interesting

-caring about stupid bullshit

-picky eater

-subscribing to certain religions

-owning a non-hypoallergenic cat

-being a sad drunk

-mustache lip

-not obeying

-talking when others are watching sports

-not understanding sex is how men say "i love you"

-caring too much about how you look and not your intelligence

-lack of decent conversation

-uncomfortable around new people

-lack of confidence

-lack of succeeding in life


-symmetric haircuts


-wearing sports paraphernalia with the price tag/sticker still attached

-not bending the brim of your hat

Checking the list against the way already am is great way of telling how dateable I am. So far I just need to work on: telling lame jokes, being more sensitive, being a picky eater, and owning a non-hypoallergenic cat. Thank goodness no one mentioned owning a tiny blind dog.

Based on that I would say I am dateable, but not 100% dateable.

Tomorrow I will do social #3 which aims to check whether or not my standards are too picky, limiting the people I can date. My friends/strangers will judge the list.

----------------Halloween look back

mmm Fanta Girls. Apologies for not wearing white boots. :(

Unfortunately I didn't bring out my shitty camera. Next year I'll try better.But I did somehow do better. Instead of kissing some random boy and never seeing him again -he did call me to wish me a happy halloween- I did meet someone (shocking!! how do you meet acceptable guys at parties). Actually I met two guys. I gave them both my number. The first guy -we'll call him Tiesto- turned out to be a perv and constantly texts me "are you horny". Ew. How about I don't respond ever. Nope. He still is texting and just did five minutes ago. The 2nd macho -let's call him Fox- literally won me over when he showed patience/was able to bond with a sleepy drunk Sheena. Not many people could pull that off. I could say more things but I'm highly superstitious and refuse to talk to soon. I am though excited to hang if it does happen, possibly this weekend - what do you say?

I can't tell you guys yet the goals for this week since I haven't scheduled my life yet. So onto the next thing.

I decided to quit smoking this month, it's affecting my sleep and I honestly feel out of breath. I also came across a many of guys who think a girl that smokes is highly unattractive. I also decided after witnessing the end of the NYC Marathon that I wanted to give a go again. You have to enter a lottery to win a spot in the marathon. I did the lottery twice back before and never made it, but after four lotteries you get to run guaranteed after 5th attempt.

I should also stop using "should" and "also".

Here listen to this and dance in your underwear.

Night lovers.