Factor Hill Ex Lauryn

I got sidetracked with the social experiment obviously. I got sidetracked period. Hey, even as I type I am getting sidetracked - should be getting work ready.

Snap my fingers and my life is settled. Snap my fingers and I've missed out on living. Which do I choose.

Clear the name/air. It's not about having sex and eating candy, that would be messy. The iPod repeating Marcy Playground had a huge factor in determining a catchy name.

Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy

Uploaded by fhouste. - Shet is starting to hit the fan. I won't be back until I have something truly amazing/hilarious to share. These ramblings are not giving me the slightest satisfaction. Not a fan of losing myself to lame-ness.

Yes, I do believe I need to prevent the drunken writings. They are worse than PMS writing.