Under the Sheets We Are One and the Same

I was prepping myself to write another Real World e-mail. Writer's block. The thoughts weren't formulating themselves correctly. It could be all that Xx I've been listening to. It's dangerous. I had to stop writing, it was starting to read like a sappy love letter... Weird. Instead I let my thoughts run free on the internet, to all those who care to read.

Two weeks of no drinking. I can do it. Actually, it's a great way to save money so I am doing it.

Back in high school, I use to write these scripts and live vicariously through a character. Now I live vicariously through films. Romantic comedies were the ones I related to the most. Well, dur I was going through crazy obstacles with those two main guys. Saying one thing, and meaning another, it still confuses me to this day. Now I only watch comedies, avoiding the ones having to do with relationships. Not because I'm sad/jealous, but because I rather focus on the funny and laugh. Get it? I want to be funny, so I focus on these films so I can live vicariously through these comedians. One day.

You've got the love. I can't believe that band is younger than me.

I'm trying to remember the last sweet thing/journal worthy thing someone has done for me.

45 minutes literally passed by.

Things have gotten closer to the sun

And I've done things in small doses

So don't think that I'm pushing you away

When you're the one that I've kept closest

He made me laugh. I think that's the sweetest thing ever.

Honestly it's the small gestures that speak mountains and make me the happiest.