Crazy Ass Horrible Dream

At this point most of it is forgotten.

Except you told me to head to Miami beach. You would meet me there, and we would start fresh. So I made friends with rich girls and went there aboard their private jet. Once we landed - the girls and I had to swim from our jet to the hotel - I tried to call you. The first time I dialed, it was a wrong number. The second time I dialed, your mom pick up and screened the call for you. She said you were on a date, but I heard your voice in the background.

I woke up so angry since you sent me to Miami for nothing, and because you wouldn't take your calls and speak to me yourself. You had your mom do it instead. I also sent you a text wanting to curse you out. Whoops.

There should be a ban on early wee morning texting.

P.s. Now going on to three days. I'm ready to start killing people.