Real Talk | How to Get Free Samples

Had to do some digging around for a client on subscription boxes which led me to a nice discovery you might all enjoy. 

photo by  Lydia Hudgens

photo by Lydia Hudgens

I'm sure you all heard about the subscription box trend - I'm particularly fond of the POPSugar Must Have boxes. You pay a subscription fee per season or month for a box full of amazing goodies from new-to-you and well known brands. It's even inspired a slew of unboxing blogs and youtube videos. 

But what if I said you can experience the unboxing of goodies for free? Well, almost free. There's this whole sampling industry that is dying to get samples into your hands in exchange for an honest review, tweet, or instagram. That's where PINCHme comes into the big picture.

There are a few other companies in the market that provide the same services as PINCHme, but what's different is that you'll be able to pick samples you will genuinely use and hopefully love enough to buy again. I'm a member of a few other sampling programs and honestly hate it when I get items I'll never use - such a waste.

The way PINCHme works is really simple (we like simple over here). You sign up, fill out a short questionnaire, and then request samples for your box. Every other Tuesday (at 12pm EST) they seem to offer a new batch of samples to choose from. After trying out the product - return to the site and leave your thoughts. 

In case you were wondering what sort of samples came in a box - here's the assortment that came for me last April. Pretty good right!

If you're loving this freebie train and wondering what other companies I came across in my research, here's a few others worth the sign up for even more samples: PINCHme, influenster, Klout, Crowdtap, Swaggable.