Rejected, again.

Cinematic sex scenes have grown more explicit over the years, going from fade-to-blacks to on-screen-blowjobs,

but the one from this old movie will forever stain my memory. Combining the footage of Elle and Lui making love with splattered images of actual stock footage taken from Hiroshima during and after the atomic bomb has a sickening effect -- sickening, but sensual. In the film Hiroshima Mon Amour, directed by Alain Resnais, Elle obviously suffers from PTSD and that makes you wonder why she has sex at all. Thoughts of dead babies and warfare are reasons to go celibate unless you're masochistic.

Many may not enjoy this film because let's face it, it's no Avatar. But for those of you looking for something original, Netflix it. This off-kilter Casablanca lacks the conventional linear structures and happy endings of Hollywood, but makes up for it with a poetic script and haunting images of impossible love.