If I were a Rebel Socalite T where would I be?

Not finding the coveted tee, I'm unable to focus my creative energies on writing about the freshest company to hit the streets. It's probably hidden underneath... well it's lost, right?

So let's talk about TV instead. What happened to thought-out and well written scripts that had us coming back, sort of like a good fuck. Gone, just like the sex I used to have. All we have now are reality TV shows, even The Real World which started it all is bad. All we have now are dumb putas who keep returning to the same show to compete against each other for money they plan on spending on plastic surgery. Oh wait, that's Rock of Love Charm School. But you get the dirty drift. All of the shows are the same, and no excitement rushes through my blood cells like it use to for Will and Grace or SATC. The camera's jutted movements blind me by the second, and the debate about whether or not The Hills is real, is getting old, real fast. Baby, you are badly missed.

So what can we do about it? Nothing really, unless you have the man power to produce your own sitcom. But in the meantime, get yourself a netflix account and rent movies like Plaisir and 8 1/2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9TD4vy9RnI). Don't have a DVD player or a TV because you spent all your money on bad skunk? Then, turn to plan B; get shit-faced at dance parties and pray that TV will get better just like how you pray you will be able to see MGMT and Justice at Webster. Yea, I guess TV will suck forever.

Oh and Reality TV doesn't make you a celebrity. Some stars end up working at Sin City to pay their bills after living with 7 strangers to see how real the world can get. Right, Aneesa [Real World Chicago reference]?!