It's New York Film Festival time you guys. I've never been to the NYFF before but now with two classes assigning  me to see screenings, it's actually going to happen.

If you're in the film loop, The Social Network is claiming the opening night. I'm totally going to see it, but not there. Maybe at the local theater where it wont be jam packed with film snobs. Instead it'll be jam packed with locals. YAY!

Actually... I'm using the same film twice for class since all the good ones have been taken or they're during my class time.

I'll be checking out We Are What We Are (Somos lo que hay).

"The sudden death of its patriarch leaves a Mexican clan bereft, panicked about their survival, and fumbling to continue a family tradition—namely, a cannibalistic rite that involves the hunting and gathering of fresh human meat in present-day Mexico City.
As the widow and her three teenage children grow increasingly desperate, the young director Jorge Michel Grau combines slow-burning suspense with simmering sexual tension and a queasy sense of mystery: the belief system behind what the family calls “the ritual” is never fully explained. A potent and tremendously assured first feature, We Are What We Are packs the allegorical and visceral punch of the best vintage horror. An IFC Films release.
Jorge Michel Grau, 2010, Mexico, 99m"
Thu Oct 7: 9:45 pm (ATH) Ticket Info >>
Fri Oct 8: 11:00pm (WRT) Ticket Info >>

Cool. After watching this trailer and getting shit-spooked, I'm starting to think it may not be the right choice for me. Ugh. But it's a good thing if a movie can actually spook me to that point.