Pull n' Seal

I have no idea why it's so hard to get back something I have never lent out to begin with. Now would the public really think I would lend out my only coat during the winter (of last year)? No, I think not. Instead I had to wait on her and after realizing it's going to take a while did I then borrow a friend's coat. Even if there were some asking involved, I probably would have still said no because I knew something like this would happen.

Wait, there's more. Now every time I run into her (the girl with the orange coat), she bitches about how my "fucking coat" is taking up space. Well? That's not my problem because you took it from me - without asking. Or it's a "well if I knew you were going to be here I would of brought it". Now that one always leaves me speechless because it's usually at a place I will be at or at a mutual friend's house. But the best is "I didn't want to carry it".

I sent her three text and a fbomb message, before politely asking on her wall if her phone is working and if she can drop it off at a location which is most convenient to her. And again, bombarded with an attitude.

Honestly is the attitude necessary to add to the hot mess.

P.s. This has forever ruined every one's chances of borrowing things from me. And sorry for the rant, but this has been bothering me since the day I had to walk home in the cold because someone else had my coat.