Fbook Convos

I'm thinking about moving to Portland, just for a while. I figure by the time I move back all these wanna be alpha males will be over their I just want to sleep around phase.

I'm not saying I want to be in a relationship, I just don't like sharing dick. It's gross and if I ever get something I will chew their dick off in a heartbeat. Guys don't like sharing their pussy either. I've seen them puff up their chest as if they were birds when some rando approaches me. Either way sharing, or having multiple partners at once is gross. I'm not into it, and never will be.

How about me and you have sex, but you don't have sex with others and I'm not your girlfriend. Just a friend who you have sex with. Great sex with.

And if you do have sex with another, be safe and don't tell me about it or have it on your twitter/fbomb. I shouldn't know about it cause I will kill you.

Oh jeez... I'm sexually frustrated and so over the fact that I will never have a boyfriend ever again in my life.

kill me now.