Do Not Open

First date of the year as compared to first sexing of year is a way better. For starters, I remember everything that happened on first date of the year.

Chill and down to Earth chipmunk, but I am still trying to figure out if he's a manslut. He asked me to spend the night; that "nothing will happen". I wouldn't. Maybe I should work on getting paid for every time that line has been said to me.

When a girl gives up her poon within hours of knowing some guy, generally guys figure "whoa, that was easy. Now I wonder how many times that's happened before". Now, when guys offer up their bed girls think of three things: he must really like me A LOT (crazy marriage obsessed girls), he must be a manslut (insecure bitches) or he's desperate (realistic girls). I couldn't decide on one tonight, but it's for sure not the first one.

He also insisted that he was kinkier than me. I didn't know whether to take it as an insult (which I did) or as a compliment. Unless you're some one-nighter I try my best to never come off as slutty. Compare the way I spoke with the Spainard: I was a dirty slut and very dirty things came out of my mouth because of the atmosphere I was in and knowing there was no future with this guy I met at a bar and went home with whom I developed a yearlong booty call with. Now compare it with Canada #1: Excluding the first drunken encounter, every other time we spoke it was about books, streetcarnage, bars, people, and random retarded things. But because I never brought up sex with him unless doing it he thought I was prude. Well I thought he was prude because he never brought it up, so I never brought it up and didn't want him to think I was another Williamsburg slut. He also said I was bad at a head while another (only sex-no talk) fellow would get seizures from head and other things that go great with it.

Dunno... Maybe I'm self-conscious with people and what my actions can fuck up/not fuck up. AND I was offended! Me?! Not being kinky?! Are you kidding me? With the right guy (notice it's not plural) and comfort level I can be a full on slore. Maybe I need to get my friends who've seen me have sex add their commentary.

Either way it was a fun time and of course am writing this from my own bed. Hope to see him again, and that's all the satisfaction I will give him. Nothing more.