Stolen Ramblings #1

Then in a sea of goodness the rush came to me. I play my headphones a little bit too loud. I like it when other people know what I'm listening to. I like it when they know it's BSS. I hope I make it home before midnight. It was fun running into you. We're twins with differences. It will help us learn down the road. Too bad we're still alike in some aspects that will be our fault. Sometimes I try to write poetry. It never works out. Sometimes I try to make music vids. That doesn't work out either. The Strokes come on, and everything becomes quiet. I put it up, it distracts me from the old men who hide behind newspapers. Their grubby hands do not charm me nor does their grunt. I know why you grunt. You want attention and that's all you want. I give it and you'll slide away. I know all the games and tricks to be done. K.O. before you even know it. I play the opposite. In fact I don't play. I leave impressions instead with my social disorders. I can't believe I told him I have social disorders and he still kissed me. Sixpence no the richer gets queued in on our kiss. Everyone on set is quiet and still they feel the intensity. Sha - sha. I hope the G goes farther into Queens, otherwise tonight may be filled with pressure as I write into my not-so-tiny vocabulary book. Please no last stop... PLEASE!! 38 minutes left until midnight. Then this song comes on. I love it. Smile magically replaces what bad omens were there. The Wedding Day song is the nickname. Ever heard of New Order. Their song ceremony. That's the song I reserved for my lover 4 life. I will never play it for him - please exclude the times I've played this song wasted for past beaus. I may just leave this song on repeat all the way home. Scribble in this handbook and fall in love with falling in love. It's the only way to go. I wish I could thank the person who introduced me to New Order. I don't remember him though. I wish I did. "The same old story" - I love it all. Do it again over and over. I may be addicted to the caresses of amour. Keep the moment in my heart. Refer back to it when I hear the song again.

Written on a train - September 2009