Physical Therapy

Sometimes I can be so on point for example, the best pick up line I have ever given to date:

Canada#2 "So what are you up to?"
Me "hitting on you"

Instant attraction still to this day and we have yet to kiss. Now that's being on point.

Other times I can be completely off. Today for example I was walking with a friend, we'll call Joshua, and I yelped. I thought I fell into a hole.

I didn't, I just walked over NYC sidewalk grates.

****That's not Canada #2, it's just some kid I call by his full name. And for the past three years I have been telling him that Sheens has the hugest crush on him. She never has. I have/do though. Another prime example of me being so off point. Check out that kid who couldn't hang at the party. JAJAJAJA!