The Best Part of Sex:

Is the first penetration. It feels oh so good for sure.

Finished packing. Boots/shoes are taking up the majority of luggage space, yet still didn't over pack which is a first. Just need some toiletries and I'll be done. How tiny does body wash need to be to board a plane? Jesus. Can't believe I have to get super tiny sized toiletries. Already missing the days of bringing an any sized shampoo bottle.

Packing came with the realization that I am more femme than I choose to believe: Tons of make-up, an assortment of lotions, barely worn jewelry, and more than 16 bikini's. Maybe I am unconsciously embarrassed about being girly. Possible side effect from hanging with the bros often.

For 2010: I hope to have more lady friends, but ones that don't talk a lot of garbage and aren't afraid to live. Impossible?

Working on my year end post, it's a first so I hope it's better than good.

P.s. I have this G'normous black and blue on my left knuckle. Who knew bitches would take me to that extreme on an early Christmas eve shopping excursion. I'll take a picture for memory later before it fades. Ha! And I still found my purrfect NYE's dress in my size (2) so I'm guessing the weight as normal went to my fat head.