Six More Months of Summer!!

In no order of course.

All Points West Weekend = Sneaker Destruction.

For the first time in Happy Ending history, I was not the drunkest.

Employee retreat. Two words that will forever taint my future.

The most fun I had in a bathroom without drugs.

The start of a beautiful relationship.

A bottle like that is guaranteed alcohol poisoning - trust me.

I actually recorded for an album. Something I can cross off my list.

Scandalous in front the Water Gate Hotel.

It was awesome having a huge dick.

Yearbook photo.

I am the best chicken dancer in all history.


Where the fuck did that skateboard go?

Party photographers always snap at my legs. Why? Because they're perverts, that's why!

I can't believe someone stole that deck!!

I met some of the faces of streetcarnage. We share a love for free booze. And urinating in public.

I still can't believe I went once to the beach, and was harassed.

I swear I am the best aunt ever. Who else lets her watch True Life.

Free booze in exchange for good looks. Thanks Nikki Beach!!

Yeah, I forgot to mention. Half of summer I spent wearing this space boot.

Never stand behind cars in motion.

Memories of a week long stoner fest.

Fourth of July. Best view ever. Best pot smoked. Best Jager shots taken. Best night not remembered.

I like to dance and wear short things. Sue me.

Two year anniversary with a blind pup named Miles.

Junior High reunion.

Why are single ladies so good looking? Dur - no stress!


Fleet week signals the start of summer.

A fotographic recap of shet that happened and will continue to happen - thanks Hunter College.

There are a ton more. But they are never appropriate.