Sex w. Ex Rhymes Like Lake & Blake

Shout Out Out Out! was so good live. Marry me please.

The xX was great sounding but the energy was non-existent. My guess is that their songs are so emotional that their souls are getting the life sucked out of them. Bottom line - you're better off listening to them on your ipod.

Tonight's schedule is looking a little like this:
*** Please note I will not be seeing the xx again, nor will I be seeing the holiday shores depending on the festival party. I will also be seeing the Lovely Feathers at 7:45pm.

Many photos have been taken but I am fearful for my life where they will end up over the course of next week. There really hasn't been any contact with guys either. My "I'm Single" sticker has not been working due to the fact that everyone has horrible eyesight and still continues to assume another friend (not Arv this time) is my dude. How to make that stop? I don't know but I'm willing to try.

I need to get some clean underwear going on in this bitch.

See you tonight.