Pieces of What - One Year Strong

It's officially been a year since the beginning of me publicly humilating myself on the interweb. And let me tell you it has been a great fucking run. So to mark the celebrations we'll take a walk down memory lane and revisit all the guys I lushed over but of course never managed to have it work out because they are "not the dating type". There something about me that screams "do me dirty".


PS - Keep in my mind I did NOT sleep with all guys pictured. Not my style. If you feel like you belong in the collage shoot me an e-mail so I can add you in it, or at least find a photo of me and you on fbook to complete this masterpiece. If you feel like you don't belong in the collage, just shoot me an e-mail so I can call the wah-bulance. Cheers.

I headed the cinemas today. Paranormal Activity scared the shit out of me. That ending almost give me a heart attack I started to cry. I'm sleeping with ma tonight. I was so shitting my pants, that I just had to see Where the Wild Things Are. Here is my wannabe critique which will read more like an analysis. Jonze really played around with levels and with vast spaces and cramped spaces. For example you were either looking at Max in a vast body of water, forest, or desert. Or you were looking at Max always in between the wild things, or inside. I just read that off as him dealing with these emotions, and trying to get away from them in a weird way. Still with me there. The majority of the colors were neutral so when you did see a bright color (i.e. flowers) they would pop off the screen. I also feel like they made the colors so bland/neutral so it wouldn't over saturate the film - since it's already visually stimulating. And it's pretty obvious that Max's foil was Carol, and K.W. was his mom, and all the other wild things were just the emotions he was going through having to deal with mom's new boyfriend. I think Jonze did a pretty good job bringing the book life - keep in mind the book if you read it is comprised of 10 sentences - and making the film relative to everyone (some themes I picked up are understanding, comprising, & forgiveness) even if Max's tantrum is a bit out there.

What's weird is that one of the sequences in the film reminded of this sequence. Can you guess which one?


CMJ schedule for Tuesday - try and find me in the crowd.

Tuesday, October 20
5:00pm - 7:00pmCLEAVECMJ Media Meet-n-Greet Presented By LimeWire more >>116 attendeesLimeWire Space 45 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013
7:30pm - 8:25pmSLEAVEBlondes more >>26 attendeesCake Shop 152 Ludlow St. (btwn Rivington & Stanton), New York, NY
7:40pm - 8:45pmSLEAVEThe Walter Schreifels Band more >>36 attendeesMusic Hall of Williamsburg 66 N. 6th St. (btwn Wythe & Kent), Brooklyn, NY
8:45pm - 9:30pmSLEAVEThe Unsacred Hearts more >>20 attendeesPianos 158 Ludlow St. (btwn Stanton & Rivington), New York, NY
8:55pm - 9:25pmSLEAVERioux more >>11 attendeesEisner & Lubin Auditorium, NYU Kimmel Center, NYU Kimmel Center 60 Washington Sq. South, New York, NY
9:00pm - 10:00pmSLEAVEMon Khmer more >>14 attendeesCameo Gallery 93 N. 6th St. (btwn Wythe & Berry), Brooklyn, NY
9:30pm - 10:10pmSLEAVELaura Marling more >>75 attendeesMusic Hall of Williamsburg 66 N. 6th St. (btwn Wythe & Kent), Brooklyn, NY
10:00pm - 11:00pmSLEAVEHarlem more >>39 attendeesSantos Party House 96 Lafayette (btwn Walker & White), New York, NY
10:00pm - 11:00pmSLEAVESean Bones more >>30 attendeesGlasslands Gallery 289 Kent Ave. (near S. 1st St.), New York, NY
10:00pm - 11:00pmSLEAVEThe Naked Hearts more >>23 attendeesCameo Gallery 93 N. 6th St. (btwn Wythe & Berry), Brooklyn, NY
10:00pm - 12:00amCLEAVECMJ Film Festival Opening Night Party more >>35 attendeesNorwood 241 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
10:15pm - 11:00pmSLEAVEfreshkills more >>15 attendeesLit Lounge 93 2nd Ave. (btwn 5th & 6th St.), New York, NY
10:30pm - 11:30pmSLEAVECold Cave more >>73 attendeesThe Studio @ Webster Hall 125 E. 11th St. (btwn 3rd & 4th Ave.), New York, NY
11:00pm - 12:00amSLEAVEFanfarlo more >>120 attendeesMusic Hall of Williamsburg 66 N. 6th St. (btwn Wythe & Kent), Brooklyn, NY
11:30pm - 12:15amSLEAVERingo Deathstarr more >>35 attendeesFontana's 105 Eldridge St. (btwn Broome and Grand), New York, NY


Another intervention leads to changes. Not because I want to change, but because these interventions make me feel lower than a crack head. AND my boss man apparently thinks I'm a retard for liking retards. That really stung, so changes ARE being made:
1. I will admit to me wanting to be in relationship, no bullshit, but only with the right person.
2. I will not go about it in a "dick" way aka I will be honest. And just to let everyone know, that will backfire.
3. I will listen to advice/input of close friends.
4. I will not pursue guys who tell me they are not into dating or girlfriends. It hasn't worked this year and I doubt it will work again for the upcoming year, or so thy friends tell me.
5. I will stop selling myself short and will start to understand my full worth does not equal 2.5 PBRs and awkward mornings. AND realize just because a guy can make me laugh is never a good excuse for anything in general.

Dayumn these are pretty strict changes. But I'm honestly tired of people assuming I'm dating Arv and making me feel bad for being single (assholes). Wait... I forgot another change.
6. To stop making crude sexual jokes like a man in front a man. Apparently those jokes make me sound slutatiocious, and we don't want that.


Don't forget to check out Cut & Paste. The motions division was crazy good! Hopefully the stuff from Friday will be up super soon.

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