I Keep One Plugged In For In-The-Moment Feelings

I have ran out of all batteries due to my need of fueling other much needed things. Without batteries I have no photos to indicate what a random and fun "blast" I had this weekend. Instead I will give you quotes enabling you to paint a pretty picture in your head.

Try very hard, I know being imaginative doesn't come so easily to most of us.

"Hi mom, I'm on facebook!"

"His name is Rodriguez".

"I feel like I'm getting lice from this place, can we leave yet?"

1 says "Got a light?" 2 says "Why don't you ask the cops, they're known to smoke".

"I've crashed at least three cars".

1 says "What are you doing?" 2 says "Hitting on you".

"Sit in your seat otherwise I will put you in your seat!!"

"Let's go tranny hunting!"

"Do I remember you from somewhere?"

1 says "Oh my gosh, I wanna smack myself I'm so high" 2 says "I only smoke good weed".

"Just be careful. You know no drinking, or smelling like you know. Otherwise it's no good when the cops stop you".

"I know my way around Brooklyn with fast food establishments".

"I'm not saying I think bitches are crazy. No, I know bitches are crazy".

P.s. Austin and Arv you guys were awesome this weekend. I'm down to be a groupie minus the sex anytime soon! And Shanga thank you so much for securing us ma's car for the time being and not making us casualties. I would like to squish you for the success, but you wont let me.