Gotta Love Those Sluts <3

(505): Bad news is im a slut again. Good news is its with people ive been a slut with before.

(775): I just put on my hot pinky lace thong... you know what that means! ;)
(1-775): Oh god. Slutty you is on the run. Someone needs to alert the city.

(202): Quick, to the slutcave!

(817): Should I hook up with a slut its your call
(713): Yes. Wrap it. If you dont have a condom do it anyway. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

(574): god I hate her. why can't she just fuck and leave like a normal slut.

HAHAHA!! You can't do anything but love sluts! They're so funny!

And now the fotographs we've been waiting for me to scan are finally scanned. Please enjoy with a few added side remarks.

These were taken at the Toronto Zoo.

The majority of us were on Acid.

Lomos are still fun.

These were taken with a manual OM 10 Olympus.
Graffiti something in Toronto.

Love is "being near you" - I wrote that one.

Because the camera was a manual I was unable to operate it under the influence.

Dammit - the ride back.
Jeez look at that crystal clear photo!!

Last round - take with a disposable I had since '97.
The color bleeds a lot. It's nice.

Miles' cameo.

Happy Endings.

Focus on his paw. Cute.

The laziest dachshund ever.

The laziest cat to accompany a dachshund ever.

He looks like a dead pigeon here.