Dear Phone

It has officially been three months since you have been deactivated. A few weeks before our final goodbye you gave me great news about Real World, and horrible news about Bad Girls Club. You made texting at work incredibly easy, and updating facebook turn into an addiction. You helped my bad-party girl reputation grow with incredible ease, and made booking jobs safer since bookers only waited less than five minutes for a response. Calling mom was never a problem at night, and avoiding creditors was a cinch. I was in with the BB crew and took amazing on the street photos. You made my life easy, but even better you made me well connected to everyone. I felt cared for and never lonely with you. And now it's been three months and I have never felt so out of touch and so alone. Tonight I sleep alone [and with Miles].
Missing you like whoa,
Aileen G. O-------
P.s. Don't worry baby momma's coming back for you this Friday morning!! And then it'll be just you and me baby, just you and me.