Unicorns and Rainbows

June 25th was my crazy ass brothers birthday. He is now officially twenty-one. He wanted to be left alone for his birthday, so I kicked back with some friends and momma went to a gay bar. We met up at the movies the next day. Apparently crazy ass brother was planning his suicide for that night and didn't want anybody home to witness him. I believe he's depressed along with being crazy, but I also believe that he would never attempt such a thing. Sometimes I wonder which parent gave us the crazy gene.

I saw My Sister's Keeper with my momma, and Jesus, Joseph, and Mary what a tear wrenching flick. I almost wished I didn't see it I was crying so much. Reminder to self always watch a comedy right after a sad movie or don't see it at all.

I'm already setting up summer plans and things to do since this Tuesday I can finally start walking as promised with my bejeweled pimp cane in hand. Planning on working 40 hours this week to put me back on track, hitting the gym to regain all lost muscle from my ass, skipping at the beach and a not so crowded bar, definitely watching Year One after 3 failed attempts, getting my phone fixed so I can actually use it, rooftop tanning, and a date with the night. I've been drooling for Tuesday to come.

Ps- Looking forward to the Beastie Boys come late July :D