Rules for Writer

I got up from my half awake sleep. Unable to fall asleep from my racing thoughts and analytical behavior I decided to let it all out, in a half awake state of sleep of course. In the back of my head I always had this tiny inkling of hope, never really letting myself live my life to the fullest since you know. I always kept the love there, for almost forever. I always spoke about this missed love to my neighbor when I had just one too many shots of Jager. I just can't do it anymore. Needing to release myself to the wild beasts of reality all I needed was a little phone call with an awakening message to stir the desired response in me. Maybe what I needed to do was cover up the tat with something more inspiring. Why have something on your arm that makes you cringe knowing the message doesn't reciprocate itself. No one will really know. But I have to let you "do you". And with this Revelation I let go and free myself. It's almost a repeated theme throughout the blogs but I just can't go through the trouble of this anymore. I'll follow in your footsteps, and if nobody mentions it then it doesn't exist. From this moment, there is no going back. Setting off in your yellow brick road months ago, it's time for me to do the same.

And when the light bulb ever does goes off in your head because of that dream that awoke you and how it was nearly perfect, do not attempt to collect $200 at GO. It wont be there waiting for you anymore.

I can't keep setting myself up for failure, Buddha would be very upset with me if I did.