So much has been going on in my life. I took an overload of Hormones, got hit by a car, discovered my low tolerance for Percocets, I believe I got ditched by a fox, and made my 5 month old niece laugh really hard. Oh and I started talking in my sleep again which is pretty funny.

I haven't been hanging out that much due to me being on crutches. So life's been difficult. It's so difficult my momma bathe me last night. I thought it was hilarious since I was in swim gear and 22 years old and my mom was soaping me up. I was also very high on Percs.

Whoa ADD moment. I just wanted to say/write what's up with people being shady. Deleting my comments, untagging yourself from pictures we're both possibly in, avoiding all possible talks that involve me. I just don't like shady-ness. Just man up and stop being so insecure with yourself, or just pass on the message. If that's way things are going to roll then why even bother being my "friend". If there is one thing I can not stand it's definitately being fake, whether it's to yourself or to others, what's the point? Might as well just kill yourself for lack of a better saying.

I appreciate the haters cause they are at least forward, and I honestly don't care much about them. I just can't do fake, it makes a person look like they've been castrated.

PS. Real world didn't go through, but they gave me the oppurtunity to do Bad Girls. No idea why, but I would never do that show. No one gets anywhere on it.