Social Suicide

Actually this blog is more like relationship suicide with a hint of humor.

So this guy, whom we will call Prom Date, had his birthday pass by. I know because Fbook alerted me. I wished him a happy birthday just like all the addicted users trying to procrastinate. And DAYUM(!!!), he's looking good.

Prom Date was one of those guys who if I didn't go for the bad boy (Canada) would've probably been the number one reason this blog would be non-existent. Prom Date was extremely smart, book smart, humorous, stylish, intelligent, tall, creative, awkward, and fun to be around. Canada had the same traits including him being a badass. It's almost crazy how attracted ladies are to badasses.

Before running into Canada, I was a skeptic of the badass. I mean come on, all they do is get into trouble with the law and fight at bars. After witnessing it a few times, I fell into the bad ass trance. We dated for a few and I had to part ways with him. Actually I got shoved aside since he wanted to play the field with the hipsters of Williamsburg and I'm not too keen on sharing.

That's when Prom Date and I found ourselves talking to each other for hours on end. He would even come to Harlem to pick me up after work which was impressive. Not only did the crackheads outside my store "holla" at me, now they "holla"-ed at me and "got up in his grill". After a month long courting and huge phone bill, he escorted me to my prom.

Prom was a fiesta held in late summer to get our last minute party antics out before fucking up the school year, and was probably one of the best parties thrown by my insider group of friends. Everyone we knew came including Canada. The keggers and jungle juice made my common sense disappear, so when I saw Canada being himself (a badass) I couldn't help but say hi and catch up. So we caught up, possibly kissed a bit in front of Prom Date. He excused himself and I never saw or heard from him again. And Canada went back to Canada.

Obviously he never wrote back to me on Fbook. I don't blame him.

Just to keep it clear I keep my common sense with me at all times now.