Real World Pick Me!

Obviously I am not following my organized schedule for tonight, but I have fast thoughts that seem to lose momentum when I decide against being spontaneous. It could be bad when I don't so instead I decide to follow through just this one and not final time.

How do I include a brief bio on myself after living 22 whole years? I will attempt this as a warrior. My name is Aileen Olmedo, I'm 22 and I live in Queens, NY. I'm going to school for film but I'm currently on probation due to my partying antics when I'm healthy and the sick days I spend at home when I'm feeling under the weather. I have a feeling that I will always be in College though, there are always so many things popping up that I would much rather attend to than attending to a research paper on in-line breeding in dogs. My friends would describe me as genuine, sassy, funny, and adventurous, amongst other things. If they describe me as bad, I wouldn't have a clue since I'm prone to being oblivious to the obvious. I tend to zone out at the most importune times, hit on guys aggressively at the bars, run into people I do not want to run into, work on my booty clap, write for a blog online, cuss out the guys that attempt to touch me in the subway, schedule my week in hourly order, crush on my film TA (he's really cute), cash in my coins at Commerce bank so I can buy a few drinks on Tuesday nights, and sometimes when I'm really lucky blast Kings of Leon on my ipod and sing as loud as I can on an empty subway car. In general I have a lot of friends which has to mean that I'm good with dealing with people and our out of sync emotions. Currently I'm out of a job since my 19 year old manager terminated me from American Apparel, so I spend a lot of the time at the gym trying to tone up. I forgot to mention that I model for those whose clothes I can fit into when I'm strapped for cash. I was able to work Fashion Week this February but unfortunately I couldn't do the yogurt diet much longer and took a much need Dallas BBQ break. Let's talk about the family. My parents have been divorced for about 15 years this May, and I don't have any issues with that. They couldn't work it out and so they went out in search of happiness which I hope they were able to find. My father remarried and give me a baby brother who is extremely hyper, it sort of makes me feel bad for him since my dad is to tired and old to run after him. My stepmother and I don't have the best relationship which is why I can't ever live with my dad for long periods of time, but we are courteous to each other now. My lovely mom also got remarried, unfortunately her husband passed away due to complications of AIDS. I live with my mom now and plan to until the rent in NYC becomes affordable or when the jobs in NYC start paying actual living wages, [censored] she said I am strong, which is another strong quality that everyone seems to think I behold. In some parts I can strongly agree with them, but I have my moments as well where it feels like the world could come crushing down at any moment so it's better to not let the world know you care. I have more siblings though, I have an older sister Tanya who I look just like except she's 5 years older, and I have a psycho brother, Michael, who is a year younger. My sister is like my best friend she knows everything about me except for the dirty sexy racy things that happen, because well that's just weird! Michael and I just fight all the time, he wishes I was never born but we do have our good times where something dumb was said or done and we'll have a chuckle but then it's back to us fighting. I heard from my parents discussing several times that he could be schizo, but I don't pay enough attention I guess. Now more about me and my love life. Well, it's non-existent. There are guys that I see and hookups that do happen, but I have yet to feel another true connection, if anything it's just me keeping my mind occupied. I used to have a very serious relationship about a year back, things got a bit hectic [censored]. We didn't last long after that, but what's crazy is that I still love him and I know I shouldn't. I even got a tattoo "I will love forever" on my bicep for the kid. I haven't been able to get over it one hundred percent and can't really let myself get lost in a relationship like I once did. [censored]. My guard is up, and I don't feel like getting my heart (and trust) thrown into Hudson river, well not yet, I have to let it heal first. For now though my puppy keeps me company at night since I'm scared to sleep alone (corny but true). If there is one thing that I have noticed is through-out my life I keep getting thrown into these heavy situations where I'm amazed that I was able to make out in one piece, and even though I'm going through something I will always make time to see someone's frown go upside down, even when I'm dying on the inside. I enjoy having fun installing new memories in my cranium than dwell on the past or negativity.